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Wimpy & Dee’s Diner Is A Step Back in Time

The moment you arrive at Wimpy & Dee’s, you might think you have stepped back in time to the 1950s, when diners dotted the landscape and served up burgers, fries, club sandwiches, meatloaf and pie a la mode.

Anyone who is over 50 or so will recall the good old days of diner dining, while the younger people will enjoy the experience that their parents and grandparents had when they met up with friends and shared milkshakes and fries.

For former owners Lyn and Bev Kemper opening Wimpy & Dee’s on Route 322 in Honey Brook was a dream come true, and a way of capturing their own youth when they hung out at diners like Bill’s Diner, the Peak and the Mountaintop. They named it Wimpy & Dee’s for Bev’s parents, Dave “Wimpy” and Dorothy “Dee” Glauner.

It wasn’t easy. Once Lyn and Bev decided to make their dream a reality, they had to find a real, old-fashioned diner car, just like they remembered from their youths. They managed to find just the place, a diner in Galveston, Texas, complete with booths, wall mirrors and glass blocks. The diner was transported all the way from Texas, then reassembled in Honey Brook. Wimpy & Dee’s was born!

From the road, the colorful red, white and black checkerboard design draws you in. Once inside, you could swear you were on Happy Days, with its black and white checkered floor, sparkly red booths, Formica countertops and nostalgic accents like pogo sticks, high school varsity jackets, megaphones and 50s board games.

“We want people to come back again and again for the friendly atmosphere and good food. It’s just a fun place to be,” says Lyn Kemper.

The menu is traditional diner fare, like french fries, egg salad sandwiches, grilled cheese with tomato, hot turkey sandwiches, all kinds of Wimpy burgers, club sandwiches, tuna melts, soups and salads. There are also a few unexpected selections, like wings, nachos, and grilled chicken caesar salad.

Dinner choices include chicken roast beef, turkey with filling, meatloaf, chopped sirloin, and crab cakes, with sides like cole slaw, mashed potatoes and red beets. There are also great breakfasts, of course, in the true diner tradition, such as eggs benedict, eggs your way, creamed chipped beef, waffles, pancakes and omelettes.

“We wanted to have a place that families can enjoy, a place for friends to come together,” said Lyn. “We really care about our hometown and have made this a place that everyone can be proud of, with a great staff who make you feel welcome.”